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Gramme for Gramme

Posted: 20th February 2015 by admin in Random ramblings
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What’s the most expensive thing in the world? A few hours of Googling gave a few interesting insights. Here’s my countdown of the most expensive things money can buy (cost per g) starting with a few things at the cheap end for context and ending in the Top Ten: Land – 0.0021p per Tonne – I […]

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It’s that simple really. The world today is propaganda central. We are constantly bombarded by reasons, arguments and enticement to try to convince us to accept and get on-board with a myriad of agendas; ranging from what to choose for our breakfast cereal to who to elect to who we should believe about the planet’s […]

It Works Both Ways

Posted: 3rd December 2011 by agentfluffy in Random ramblings, The way things should be
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Having random weekend musings: Everyone presumably knows that there is a burden of responsibility enforced on employees not to do anything, at any time whether at work or not, that could reflect badly on the employer. People can be disciplined and dismissed for things done on their own time. Just pondering that in the interest […]