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I believe that the decision by the judges to hold a closed trial for Anders Breivik is flawed. And not just because it is anathema to the basic principle of free speech.

Firstly and foremost I think families of those killed, the country as a whole and to a lesser extent the rest of the world need to know WHY he did what he did. To try to make some sense of it, to understand and be able to come to terms with the horrific act.

And coming a close 2nd is that I want the real effect of most acts of terrorism to be true for this one too. This effect is not the forcing of the terrorists agenda but the exact opposite. Every single act of terrorism only serves to reinforce opposition to the perpetrators group and beliefs. I want to know why Anders Breivik committed such violent acts and if others think as he does. I want the world to know. I want the world to be appalled at them and to be opposed.



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