R.I.P. N.H.S.

Posted: 2nd April 2013 by agentfluffy in Inspired by recent news
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I am saddened by this of course but I’m mostly feeling angry at myself and everyone else who has watched the gentle poisoning of the NHS for the last few years, and hasn’t done anything.

It all started with the ridiculously incompetent private finance idea. However you want to try to spin it, it’s just stupid. Anyone who thinks it’s a good idea hasn’t actually thought about it (or has financial interests in the companies being outsourced to).

All it takes to see it are simple maths and logic.

If both the NHS itself and a PFI are given X £’s to run a service, the PFI spends X minus company profit on the service whereas the NHS spends all of X on the service.  Now basic primary school maths says that X with anything taken away is less than X. So whatever other benefits you try to stack up against the idea there is still and always, unalterably LESS being spent on actual healthcare using PFI or anything similar.

Secondly, and this is what should really worry people and be the death-knell to the whole idea; what should be the top priority of the NHS? – Providing healthcare. Now let’s ask what the top priority is for the people managing PFI’s?? – Making money.

The thought that the people controlling how operating theatres and intensive care wards function are not putting the patient in the bed, right at the top as primary interest should send a cool chill down your spine.

PFI’s are BUSINESSES and by their very nature function to make wealth for the people at the top and only really care about increasing efficiency on the shop-floor to ease the bottom line. If someone has got a scalpel at my insides the last thing I want their managers thinking about is cost cutting and short-cuts (nor for that matter fitting in as many ops as possible to meet a quota).

As I said right at the top I’m upset with myself because I have thought this for many years and not protested against it in any way other than an occasional rant or two. As always ‘the only thing required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing’. And we have mostly all done nothing.

It is a fact that life moves very quickly and that minute by minute there are many matters needing attention. So when we do find a bit of calm from the storm, we want to stay sheltered and tranquil as long as we can.

Altering the direction or policy of government takes grand, collective and continued pressure; that’s a lot to squeeze into our tiring lives.

It is a massive effort – BUT IT IS THE ONLY WAY.


[Footnote – It is going to be an unpopular notion that I actually understand the actions of the ‘evil’ Tories. Yes, they are acting in their own self interests, making money from the policies they implement but it is no different from the decisions we make every day. The next time you buy a take-away meal, a ‘cute’ objet d’art, a new dress, that latest DVD or any luxury item think how many people you could help with that money. How many homeless could you buy a hot meal. How many refugees you could bring clean water or a needed medicine. How much energy and resources you could save and make available for the rest of the world.

These are selfish acts. They occur on a small scale I hear you say; whereas political decisions make a difference to a huge number of people. Well there is a HUGE amount of money involved swaying the decisions of those politicians. I have never seen a comparison of the relative self benefit of our everyday selfish choices and the big policy choices of politicians, in terms of amount of per person difference that could be made to needy people but I suspect that when our everyday selfish choices add up, it might be an unpleasant revelation.]

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