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I would perhaps have liked to start my blog with a moderately less controversial topic but the time of my first impulse to post has coincided with a story in the news.  This news story. Which IMO falls into the category of someone getting into trouble for saying something fairly obviously correct but about a sensitive subject which is frequently also an uncomfortable truth. Anyway to the point. During an interview the UK Justice Secretary, Kenneth Clarke, said there were different levels of seriousness of rape. Storm in a teacup media frenzy ensues.

Now, as this is my first post and we don’t know each other yet, let’s get the blindingly obvious ‘that goes without saying’ said and done; any rape is a very serious and appalling crime.

It is evident with a small amount of thought that a woman being dragged into an alley by six guys with knives and being savagely attacked is different from so-called ‘date rape’ and different from rape within a dysfunctional relationship. Or indeed a premeditated rape is different from a rape of passion/base instinct during an alcoholic haze. All rape all serious but it is sometimes more serious than others and to progress logically, more serious crimes merit more serious punishments. Or to state that the other way round less serious crimes deserve less serious punishments. Surely that’s self-evident?

Nowadays there is a tendency for people to see thing as black and white, (not a new thing but with technology and science having specific mathematically correct and unambiguous answers and properties it has intensified) whereas nature has no straight lines or hard edges.



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