It Works Both Ways

Posted: 3rd December 2011 by agentfluffy in Random ramblings, The way things should be
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Having random weekend musings:

Everyone presumably knows that there is a burden of responsibility enforced on employees not to do anything, at any time whether at work or not, that could reflect badly on the employer. People can be disciplined and dismissed for things done on their own time.

Just pondering that in the interest of fairness and reciprocation there should logically be a similar onus on the employer. If the company you work for does something unethical, no matter if you were not involved, doesn’t that tarnish your personal reputation? “Oh him he worked for ‘THAT’ company!!!”

Just thinking if anyone has ever tried to sue an employer, or if it would even be possible. Imagine if you were a senior manager and left ‘THAT evil company’; could the association with your former employer damage you chances of reemployment? At the least you might not get as higher position or as good a salary. Could you therefore sure your ex-employer for loss of future earnings??

If you can’t I think that it SHOULD BE possible as most principles work both ways. If it’s fair for you to ask me to do X it must be fair for me to ask you to do it too.


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